Use of this Website

You should use this website only if you are a resident of Canada and eligible to become a member of Ethnic Voice Accord. Nothing on this website is to be considered as an invitation to participate in the activities of Ethnic Voice Accord by those who are not residents of Canada, and nothing on this website is intended to offer any benefits to anyone who is not a qualified member of Ethnic Voice Accord.

Membership Eligibility

To qualify for membership in Ethnic Voice Accord you must be a Canadian resident 16 years of age or older. Categories of those who qualify may change in the future, and may be modified from time to time to suit the needs of the research community in general and clients of the Ethnic Voice Accord in particular. Ethnic Voice Accord may, for any reason, refuse membership to anyone or terminate anyone’s membership at any time.

Membership in Ethnic Voice Accord is voluntary, and free of charge to members.

Membership Registration

To apply for membership, you must meet the above qualifications and complete the registration process, providing certain required information in the application form on this website.

By applying to be a member of Ethic Voice Accord, you agree to the following:

  • You will register only once as a member of EVA.
  • You are at least 16 years old and a resident of Canada.
  • You will provide only true and accurate personal information in the registration process.
  • If you become a member of Ethnic Voice Accord, you will answer all survey questions honestly and to the best of your ability.
  • While a member of Ethnic Voice Accord, you will promptly complete a Personal Information Change Form to update your personal profile information (including change of name, home address, e-mail address or telephone number) whenever it changes.

Ethnic Voice Accord may terminate your membership if you contravene any of the above, or the code of conduct that members are required to follow. Such termination may be without notice or payment to you.

You may terminate your membership for any reason by sending an e-mail from the e-mail address listed on your personal profile information to eva@ethnicvoiceaccord.comrequesting that your name and other personal profile information be deleted from our files. Such termination may be done at any time, free of charge.

Membership Requirements

As a member, you will not be required to participate in any specific survey, but you can choose to participate, or not participate, in the various surveys to which you are invited to respond.

As a member, you agree to receive electronic or written communications from Ethnic Voice Accord and its agents. These may relate to surveys you are being invited to participate in, to the updating of your personal information profile, or to anything else that you may agree to.

As a member, you also acknowledge that the websites you access in connection with your completion of surveys for Ethnic Voice Accord may contain links to third party websites or contain information about products or services of third parties, and that Ethnic Voice Accord does not control, endorse, supervise, monitor or assess the suitability of such websites, does not endorse anything stated on such websites, and is not responsible for their content, security or other attributes. You further acknowledge that Ethnic Voice Accord does not independently verify the business practices of these third parties and makes no promises on their behalf, and that your access to, and use of, any such third party website is entirely at your own risk.

Code of Conduct

Members of Ethnic Voice Accord are required to follow a code of conduct which includes the following obligations:

  1. To respond directly, if they so desire, to any invitations to participate in surveys, and not to forward any such invitations to anyone else.
  2. To be respectful in any communication (written, verbal or electronic) with Ethnic Voice Accord and any of its representatives and to avoid any communication that may be vulgar, obscene, threatening, defamatory or aimed at any individual or group protected by human rights legislation.
  3. To exit from any Ethnic Voice Accord website accessed as a member, to minimize the risk of others using the member’s credentials to access the website.
  4. To keep confidential and not copy, disclose or distribute any information that may belong to another party and that is made available to the member in connection with his or her participation in the activities of Ethnic Voice Accord.
  5. Not to misuse any website made accessible through his or her membership in Ethnic Voice Accord. Examples of such misuse would include manipulating the results of any poll or survey, manipulating the distribution of survey invitations, interfering with the operation of the rewards program, sending advertising, promotion or other unsolicited communication through such a website, interfering with access to or use of the website by any other member, or posting or transmitting any malicious computer code.
  6. Not to use any name or contact information other than his or her real name and actual contact information.
  7. To notify Ethnic Voice Accord immediately if anyone other than the member has used the member’s e-mail account, registration information, or if the member learns of any other breach of security or unauthorized access to any website of Ethnic Voice Accord.
  8. To comply with all applicable laws, not do anything that may cause Ethnic Voice Accord to violate any applicable laws, and not to do anything detrimental to Ethnic Voice Accord.
  9. Such other obligations as Ethnic Voice Accord may in the future add to its code of conduct
  10. In Market Research we hold a very high standard of quality; Clients seek EVA panelist out because of our reputation of having the best panelist in Canada. You must answer questions honestly, reasonable and thoughtful manner to receive the reward. Open-ended questions must be legible and answer the question being asked. Survey timing and data quality checks are put into surveys to catch any participant that doesn’t appear to be following these rules. Surveys are terminated prior to completion and no reward will be paid. If you are past the qualifying questions and terminated it is because your answers or speed of completion or both have failed our Quality Standards that we have in place. We can’t use your opinions and information that you have provided therefore the reward will not be paid.


Protection of your privacy is important to Ethnic Voice Accord. Click on the link to our Privacy Policy for information about the collection, use and disclosure of information provided to us by members.

Intellectual Property Rights Notice

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